Ph. 216-732-8204

To Meet with the Pastor

Ext. 10


Pastor Humphrey Provides

Spiritual Guidance

Tuesdays 11am - 6:30pm


To Report Illness or A Death

Ext. 10 or 15


Ministry Requests

On church or ministry letterhead, please mail your request or send by fax to 216-732-9131.

Pastor Michele Humphrey | Ext. 11


Deacon Sylvester Humphrey | Ext. 15


Rev. Dr. Carrie Hudson | Ext. 24

Assistant to the Pastor

Minister Carl Brewster | Ext. 12

Minister of Outreach

Minister Antonia Fleshman | Ext. 14

Youth Director

Brother Lee Johnson | Ext. 16

Media Specialist


Day Custodian | Ext. 10

Sister Patricia Harper

Accounts Payable | Ext. 23


Deacons Ministry | Ext. 15


Clothing Ministry | Ext. 12


Food Pantry | Ext. 12


Media Sales | Ext. 16


Outreach Ministry | Ext. 12


Pastoral Guidance | Ext. 10


Youth Church/Ministry | Ext. 14

The sanctuary is open Wednesdays, 6-6:30pm for prayer.  Join the Imani Intercessors every 1st Monday, 6:30pm  .  On days that you are unable to attend, you may submit your prayer request
and intercessors will personally pray over your needs. Submitted prayers are kept in strict confidence.

If you'd like someone to contact you to pray with you directly, please provide your phone number.

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