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The goal of Bible Study Courses is to present the Word of God in a way that is accurate, clear, and applicable.



May 28 - July 3, 2024

All in-person classes will be held at Imani Church E. 260th location.

Zoom info listed for virtual classes.

MONDAYS, NOON - In Person / Begins June 3, 2024

Spring Forth with New Growth

Instructor: Delta Smith

We will seek to promote new growth in our Christian experience by reviewing biblical teachings & practices that helps us to "Spring Forth" with new growth!

MONDAYS, 6:30PM - In Person / Begins June 3, 2024

Ephesians: My Life in Christ

Instructor: Min. Kim Small

A study of the book of Ephesians, dissecting the letter that will assist us in living the Christian life. 

TUESDAYS, 6:30PM - In Person / Begins May 28, 2024

God, Heal My Heart

Instructor: Min. Toni Tompkins

With so much pain and suffering in our communities, it's no wonder that inner-healing is a topic everyone is talking about! While we all know at some level that we need healing, many of us don't have a clear understanding of what it is or how it happens. In this class we are going to talk about what inner-healing is and how to recognize areas where you may need God's healing touch. We will also walk through the process of inner-healing and provide prayer practices that put us in the presence of God for the healing we need.

WEDNESDAYS, 6:30PM - In Person and via Zoom / Begins May 29, 2024

Holy Spirit in Daily Life

Instructor: Pastor Michele Teague-Humphrey

God never intended for us to go through life in our own strength and power. Nor did God intend for us to rely on our own wisdom to navigate through life.  Join me as we discover how to live by the Spirit and be led by the Spirit in our daily living.  

Weekly Zoom Link:

Meeting ID 864 2374 3000

Passcode: 912223


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